There are many different ways to donate to RBLXTrade, including financially-based donations & knowledge-based donations.

Financial Donations

Currently, RBLXTrade costs about $30/Month to host ($20 for the MySQL Database, Redis, web hosting, and primary scanning daemon, $5 for a secondary scanning instance, and $5 for the S3-Compatible storage for database backups & user thumbnails). Any amount donated can help make RBLXTrade last as long as possible.

  • Bitcoin - You can donate bitcoin directly to my personal bitcoin wallet. You should also probably message me on Discord at beak#1337 or on twitter @heyitsbeak since I might not realize it's a donation.


  • PayPal & Credit Cards - You can donate money via PayPal & Credit Cards to me through my patreon. One neat factor regarding donating through patreon instead of directly donating money to me is that you can choose how your money is spent. For instance, you can pay for a new scanning instance or contribute to existing scanning instances/web hosting.

  • Brave Browser - I am a verified creator on brave rewards, so by using the brave browser, you can support me financially without it costing you anything.

Knowledge-based Donations

I am always looking for ways to improve RBLXTrade. If you are an expert in MySQL Optimization, know of any good caching libraries, know of any endpoints on Roblox that RBLXTrade could benefit from, or just want to give advice/share info, I can be reached on discord at beak#1337 or on twitter @heyitsbeak.

Content-based Donations

RBLXTrade is always looking for content donations to improve the website. Blog posts are great since they improve our presence on search engines. A new design would also be welcome (as I don't want RBLXTrade to just be known as a .rocks clone or something). I can be reached on discord at beak#1337 or on twitter @heyitsbeak.

Questions & Answers

  • If I donate, do I get anything out of it?
    Unless you donate via patreon and specifically choose an available reward, no. I will likely add a list of donators to the homepage of the website, though.

  • Can I buy advertising space?
    Yes. RBLXTrade has an average page-visit count of 50k/month, and currently does not have any advertising. Feel free to contact me on discord at beak#1337 or on twitter @heyitsbeak to work out something.

  • If I donate, where will the money be spent?
    Likely the primary MySQL/Redis/Web server, since it makes up the biggest chunk of my web hosting costs. Directly donating money, even as much as $50-$100, does not guarnatee RBLXTrade will change substantially overnight. I'd prefer to hold onto money to pay for web hosting instead of upgrading the webserver or adding additional scanning instances.

  • If RBLXTrade doesn't recieve any donations, is there a good chance it will shutdown?
    No. The MySQL/Web server is very overkill for RBLXTrade and can easily be downsized to a $5 instance if I needed to save costs. I can also remove the secondary scanning instance, saving another $5, and even disable thumbnails from being saved which would save another $5, bringing the total cost down to $5/month.