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10GB MySQL Roblox Forum Archive

Added: May 6th, 2020

This is a version of the Roblox Forum Archive (created by froast, available here.) in MySQL format. The file is a ZIP that is about 11GB in size, but uncompressed, the size is around 40GB (and about 90GB when imported into MySQL, through you can shrink it down to around 70gb if you remove all indexes). Note that there are two tables, "knex_migrations" and "knex_migrations_lock", which can both be deleted as they were just used by me. A few posts are missing due to some issues on my part, but the majority of the forum archive is in this file. The schema is far from intuitive, but it worked for my purposes and hopefully will for you too.

If you do download this and use it for a project that involves more than reading, you should probably modify the table structure (It is very repetitive and can be optimized, i.e, is is_top_100_poster, is_moderator, author_joindate, author_postcount, etc, can all be migrated to a users table or something).

Note that all I did was download the original archives and insert the records into MySQL. If you would like to support the people who actually made the Forum Archive project possible, please donate here.

The table structure is:

id: unsigned bigint -- Post ID
created_at: signed int -- Unix timestamp when post was created
post_title: varchar 2048 (collation: utf8mb4_bin) nullable -- The title of the post
post_body: longtext (collation: utf8mb4_bin) not nullable -- The body of the post
author_id: unsigned bigint -- user id of the author
author_joindate: signed int -- Unix timestamp when user joined roblox (according to the forum post)
author_postcount: unsigned int -- postcount of the author (according to the forum post)
post_group: signed int -- group of the post
post_category: signed int -- category of the post
is_moderater: signed int -- 1 = user is moderator, 0 = user is not a moderator (at time of post)
is_top_100_poster: signed int -- 1 = user is in top 100 posters, 0 = user is not in top 100 posters (at time of post)
is_top_50_poster: signed int -- 1 = user is in top 50 posters, 0 = user is not in top 50 posters (at time of post)
is_top_25_poster: signed int -- 1 = user is in top 25 posters, 0 = user is not in top 25 posters (at time of post)
is_thread: signed int -- 1 = post is a thread, 0 = post is not a thread
parent_thread: signed int -- id of the parent thread. if this is 0, there is no parent thread
Download (Google Drive)

P.S: Let me know if you do anything cool with this data. I'd love to show off interesting projects.

Collectible Inventories from SiteTest1

Added: May 6th, 2020

For some unknown reason, nearly every sitetest and gametest site (staging sites used by Roblox) were temporarily open over the weekend of March 1st, 2020. I collected as much data regarding users, collectible inventories, etc, as I could. This file is a large (1mb) JSON file containing UAIDs/Serials from collectible user inventories on Sitetest1. Although some of the data won't be very useful, It can still be helpful in finding out who owned specific collectibles in mid-2012 (when the data is from). Note that this file will contain duplicates due to how it was collected.

The format of the json is:

    "IGNORE_ME": 0, // Internal Identifier used by RBLXTrade (wont be useful to you)
    "userId": 0, // UserID of the user who owned the item
    "userAssetId": 0, // UserAssetID of the item
    "serialNumber": 0, // Serial Number of the item. Can be null
    "createdAt": 0, // Unix Timestamp when the item was recorded in RBLXTrade's database
    "assetId": 0 // AssetId of the item