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RblxTrade is a Roblox trading website founded in 2019. We offer deep insights into a variety of statistics on the Roblox platform. We also provide Roblox traders with cool features to help with their trading journey such as item values, trade ads, a trade calculator, deals, a Roblox Trading discord and much more! We're also the best alternative to websites such as rbxrocks, rolimons, rbxvault and rbxcity and we work with Trade Hangout, the biggest Roblox Trading game on the Roblox platform!

Popular Features

  • Inventory Tracking

    RblxTrade has over 1M players being regularly scanned in our database, with many players added each day. Explore millions of collectible item copies owned by players on the Roblox platform, search through item owners efficiently with specific filters and sorting, view historical data to analyze market trends, and so much more.

  • Collectible Tracking

    RblxTrade tracks all 0 collectible items on Roblox. View hundreds of thousands of historical data points and owners list for every collectible item. You can also view statistics for items, such as ownership stats, and a list of all known owners (with each copy accompanied by an ownership history page, so you can see who owned what items).

  • Collectible Evaluation

    RblxTrade offers the most up-to-date and accurate item values. Our value changing staff team regularly updates item values at a faster speed than competitors, sometimes a day or even a week ahead of them. We also have a sophisticated algorithm to automatically calculate the values of various items right when sales happen - no more waiting on "RAP-Based adjustments"!

  • Community

    RblxTrade offers a massive forum and user comment community, with over 20,000 forum posts and 30,000 comments. You can also create trade advertisements to complete trades quickly without sending messages to individual users. We are also proud to have an active discord server with over 3,500 members, 15,000 messages per week, and 4 custom bots.



Value Changing, for 2022

Advanced algorithms, trusted value changers, a secure system, and fast results are how we delivery the best item values.

Valuation Algorithm

RblxTrade is the first site to use algorithms to automate value changes. We use an advanced algorithm based off item sales in order to value items the second they sell - with next to no delay. Although our algorithm is closed source, all parameters used in the algorithm are public in an effort to be as transparent as possible, and so that value changes are anticipated (and not surprising to anyone).

Secure System

Secure spreadsheet software is used to manage item values. It is extremely easy for value changers to rollback accidentally edits, undo changes in the event of a staff member being compromised, and perform value changes in general. If our authentication system used on the website is ever compromised (or a staff member's Roblox account is compromised), the compromiser will not have the ability to edit or manage item values or other item data.

Efficient Changes

Our advanced algorithm, coupled with active value changing staff in many time zones, results in the quickest possible value changes anybody can offer. Our value updates are regularly faster and more accurate than competitors.

Collectible Inventory Tracking

RblxTrade scans thousands of player inventories each day. We store all scan results inside a database so that you can view historical data for all players scanned. In addition to the ability to scan regular player inventories, we also scan terminated player inventories. This can help clarify where missing copies of an item are, and help you make an informed decision when trading, buying, or hoarding an item.

Leaderboards and Searching

RblxTrade offers many player leaderboards: sort all players by highest value, sort terminated players by highest value, sort players by place visits, and much more. We also offer the ability to make complex search queries: you can search through users with specific usernames and a specific account state (such as "Terminated" or "Not terminated")

Complementary Features

We offer many features in addition to our advanced trading and economy tracking systems:

Terminated Player Profiles

One of the many features RblxTrade offers that is not available anywhere else is the ability to view profiles of permanently banned Roblox players. You can view and explore their avatar, friends list, followers and followings, favorite games, created games, description, and so much more.

Search Lists

Many search queries are extremely popular - such as all "Content Deleted" accounts or all storage accounts, so we compiled some lists of most popular search queries that you can view on the search page, without typing anything in!

Rblx.Trade Accounts

Sign into or create your RblxTrade account and start posting on the forums, creating comments, creating trade ads, and managing your item lists. You can sign into your Rblx.Trade account by simply placing a special code on your Roblox description. We do not need your password, email, or any other private information.