RblxTrade Privacy and Data Collection

Learn about what kind of data RblxTrade collects

This is just a basic overview of what kind of data we collect. For full details, read out Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.

What data does RblxTrade directly collect?

  • IP Addresses

    RblxTrade collects IP Addresses for the purpose of preventing abuse of our website and infrastructure. There are a few main areas where we collect IP Addresses, and none of the areas are attached directly to you and/or your Roblox account:

    • Rate Limiting

      When you make a request to our website (e.g. visit a web page), we store your IP address in a datastore, along with how many requests the IP has made to our site in the past minute. Once you exceed the maximum amount of requests allowed within 1 minute, your IP is temporarily banned from accessing our website. This is so that we can prevent a user (and/or automated program) from spamming our website with requests, potentially causing an outage or other issues. We do not store any other information alongside your ip. This means that your IP is never directly linked to your Roblox account, user agent string, or any other information.

    • Requesting User Updates

      When you request a refresh on a users inventory (by clicking the "Request Refresh" button), we store the User ID you requested an update for, as well as your IP address. This, similar to Rate Limiting, is so that we can prevent users (and/or automated programs) from spamming update requests on users, potentially causing a massive unnecessary backlog in user inventory scanning.

    • Logging In

      When you login to RblxTrade using your Roblox username, we record your IP address in a datastore so that we can prevent a user from signing in multiple times on the same IP. The data stored does not contain your Roblox Username, ID, or any other information.

    • Forum Thread Creation and Forum Post Creation

      If you use our Forum service and create a thread and/or forum, your IP address is stored in a datastore in order for us to prevent specific IP addresses from spamming forum threads/posts. Your IP address is stored alone, so no other data is associated with it.

  • User Agent Strings

    RblxTrade collects user agent strings in order to track requests across our website. Your user agent string is provided by your web browser, and contains limited information about your device, such as:

    • Your Web Browser and version (e.g. "Chrome/58.0.3029.110")
    • Your operating system (e.g. "Windows NT 10.0")

    Any time you make a request to our website, your user agent string is stored in a datastore, alongside the URL you requested (e.g. "/" if you visit the homepage), and the IP of the cloudflare server you were routed to. No other information is stored alongside your user agent, so this means that your user agent is never linked to your Roblox account, IP address, or anything else.

Does RblxTrade associate with other data collection companies?

RblxTrade uses Google Analytics and Google Adsense. If you are located in Europe or The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you may opt out of Google Analytics and/or Adsense Personalization by clicking the "Manage Cookies" button at the bottom of this page. You can read about Google's Privacy Policy, as well as what data is collected, here: policies.google.com.

What would happen in the (theoretical) event of a website data breach?

RblxTrade does not obtain and/or store Email addresses, passwords, or any other personal information. If our website were to be compromised, all the compromisers would have access to is a giant list of IP addresses and another giant list of User Agents with no other information linked - this data would be essentially useless.